Robert Butcher


Robert Butcher


Air Safety Management


Interview with Mary-Jill Bellhouse


July 2015


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Robert Butcher

Timed Summary

0:00:00 - Introduction

0:01:10 - Interest in pursuing a career in the aviation sector, particularly Air Traffic Control

keywords: Career Air Traffic Control Air Force Joint user airports

0:04:12 - Air Traffic Control system when he started

keywords: Air Traffic Control Air Force Radar Women

0:07:20 - Early training methods for Air Traffic Controllers

keywords: Air Traffic Controller Training Air Force

0:09:06 - How changes in technology during his time as an Air Traffic Controller were received

keywords: Technology Air Traffic Control ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation ANSP

0:11:48 - His work as a Terminal Operations Specialist with Airservices Australia and future benefits of OneSKY project

keywords: Terminal Operations Specialist TAAATS The Australian Advanced Air Traffic Control System OneSKY Defence

0:19:47 - Contribution throughout his career to the themes of Innovation and Community

keywords: Innovation Air Traffic Controllers Human Factors research Operational analysis Community Noise ADSB ICAO Height monitoring

0:25:10 - Human Factors analysis findings regarding Air Traffic Controllers' prospective cognitive processing of relevant information

keywords: Human factors analysis Air Traffic Controllers Performance Cognitive processing

0:27:34 - Current role, Systemic Analysis, Monitoring and Review Manager

keywords: Operational and systemic analysis Airservices Safety reporting ICAO Australian Airspace Monitoring Agency Safety Customers

0:30:41 - Major issues encountered and his experience with ICAO

keywords: ICAO Safety Separation Airspace Safety Panel SASP Technology ADSB

0:38:05 - Awards received during his career

keywords: Walter Binaghi