Robert Mason


Robert Mason


Air Traffic Control


Interview with Mary-Jill Bellhouse


July 2015


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Robert Mason

Timed Summary

0:00:00 - Introduction

0:00:52 - His early interest in aviation

keywords: Air Traffic Control Women ATC

0:02:37 - Early training methods for Air Traffic Controllers and long term career prospects

keywords: Training Air Traffic Controller Two way radio Stress Career ATC

0:08:39 - Impact of changes in technology and interaction with other Air Traffic Controllers

keywords: Impact of technology TAAATS CMATS OneSKY Multi-tasking Sequential tasks Interaction Teamwork

0:15:13 - His role as a Check and Standards Supervisor

keywords: Standardisation Proficiency Air Traffic Controller Techniques

0:18:20 - Qualifications and characteristics necessary to become an Air Traffic Controller

keywords: Air Traffic Controller Qualifications Characteristics ATC Technology International and indigenous recruits

0:27:17 - Instances of industrial action by Air Traffic Controllers and how airspace is protected during these events

keywords: Industrial action Safety Air Traffic Control

0:28:35 - More about current training - and gives scenarios from his experience - with regard to following established procedures and finding innovative ways of dealing with incidents outside the context of those procedures, where necessary.

keywords: Training Rules Innovation Procedures Air Traffic Controller

0:36:30 - Level of supervision and how Air Traffic Controllers cooperate and liaise with each other on the job.

keywords: Air Traffic Controllers Cooperation Supervision

0:38:19 - General comments, what he likes best, about being an Air Traffic Controller as a career; a day in the life of an Air Traffic Controller, advice to prospective Air Traffic Controllers and feedback from pilots and others

keywords: Air Traffic Control Career Stress Role Advice

0:43:19 - Community aspects of a career in Air Traffic Control and his involvement in the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers and in Civil Air

keywords: Community Air Traffic Control International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Civil Air

0:44:18 - Broader aspects of his role in Civil Air and focus on the welfare of his peers and trainees

keywords: Civil Air Teamwork OneSKY

0:48:25 - Potential major challenges in his role with Civil Air

keywords: OneSKY TAAATS Technology

0:54:09 - Interview concludes