Ron Entsch


Ron Entsch


Air Queensland; East-West Airlines; Ansett Australia; Aviation Management


Interview with Mary-Jill Bellhouse


July 2015


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Ron Entsch

Timed Summary

0:00:00 - Introduction

keywords: Air Queensland TAA Australian Airlines Qantas East West Airlines Ansett Australia Airservices AvSuper Griffith University

0:00:50 - His early interest in, and entry into, the aviation industry

keywords: Bush Pilots Airways Air Queensland TAA

0:05:14 - Moved to East West Airlines in 1984

keywords: East West Skywest Compass Ansett

0:06:56 - Headhunted by Ansett and moved to Brisbane as Operations Manager, promoted to State Manager, and promoted to General Manager Operations in Melbourne in 1993

keywords: Ansett

0:07:20 - His role as General Manager, Operations, Melbourne

keywords: Operations role Air New Zealand 9/11/2001

0:09:08 - Activities post retirement in 1996, working at Griffith University and becoming an Adjunct Professor

keywords: AvSuper Griffith University Project management

0:12:16 - Became an author, Bushies: A History of Bush Pilots, Air Queensland

keywords: Author Bush pilots

0:12:42 - Joined the Boards of Airservices Australia and AvSuper and memorable experiences during that time

keywords: Airservices AvSuper Memories

0:17:57 - The main Safety challenges faced as General Manager of an airline

keywords: Safety Technology Communication

0:22:00 - Are Safety concerns mounting to an unrealistic level

keywords: Safety Mental health Pilot expertise

0:24:06 - Most significant technological changes experienced during his career

keywords: Technology Change

0:25:35 - His view on maintenance outsourcing and under-resourcing with regards to Safety

keywords: Maintenance Safety Unions

0:27:57 - How Safety concerns - particularly those identified in his accident and investigation experience, as well as noise - flowed into the Community during the course of his career

keywords: Community Safety Cyclone Tracy

0:33:46 - Recalls Innovations that have, during his career, made a significant impact on advancement of the aviation industry.

keywords: Innovation Black box Speed

0:37:20 - His advice to people entering the aviation industry as a career

keywords: Advice Pilot Air Traffic Control

0:40:59 - Recounts interesting aviation stories

keywords: Stories Bushies Bush Pilots

0:44:06 - His philosophy and management style

keywords: Management style

0:47:02 - Closing comments

keywords: Aviation industry General comments

0:48:33 - Interview concludes

keywords: Cairns Museum