Greg Hood


Greg Hood


24 November 2015


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Greg Hood

Timed Summary

0:00:00 - His entry into an aviation career

keywords: Air Traffic Control USA Air Training Corps Cadets RAAF

0:03:58 - Moves Air Traffic Controller at East Sale to undertake secondment to the Australian contingent to the multi-national force and observers in the Sinai Desert, as Shift Supervisor in the Tactical Operations Centre.

keywords: RAAF Middle East Air Traffic Control Helicopters

0:05:45 - Interesting stories during his time in the Flight Following Cell

keywords: Rolf Harris Accidents Medical

0:07:03 - Working as RAAF Air Traffic Controller in Darwin

keywords: Air Traffic Control Darwin RAAF Mirage

0:08:23 - Instructing at the Airforce School of Air Traffic Control in Sale, immersion training in colloquial Khmer at the School of Languages, Point Cook and posting to RAAF Base, Townsville

keywords: Training Languages Cambodia

0:09:39 - Resigning from the Airforce and enrolling for the last Air Traffic Control course which accepted Military Controllers

keywords: Civil Air Traffic Controllers Airservices Australia

0:11:11 - Teaching Air Traffic Control at the School of Applied Science, University of Tasmania, Launceston, working as Team Leader in Brisbane and appointed Manager Air Traffic Control Centre, Melbourne

keywords: Training Management

0:12:39 - Managing the National Towers in Canberra and Airservices International Business Development

keywords: International business

0:13:32 - Interesting decisions whilst working for CASA overseeing safety of Australian airlines

keywords: CASA Safety Tiger Volcanic ash Virgin

0:15:56 - Returning to Airservices and appointment as Executive Manager, Air Traffic Control

keywords: Airservices Air Traffic Control

0:17:05 - Interaction with the broader international community regarding standardised procedures and predictability

keywords: Standardisation ICAO

0:18:34 - The most significant changes in the industry, experienced during his career

keywords: Changes Technology Surveillance Parallel runways Airports

0:22:37 - Key issues and challenges in the aviation industry to date and into the future

keywords: Challenges International carriers Air Traffic Control Security Growth Remote operation Technology Defence

0:37:33 - Memorable stories during his career in the aviation industry

keywords: Stories Safety Accountability Surveillance Technology

0:44:07 - General comments

keywords: Continuous improvement Airservices

0:48:06 - Interview concludes