Andrew Hall


Andrew Hall


Airservices Data Viewer CAD Specialist


Interview with Mary-Jill Bellhouse Airservices Australia




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Andrew Hall

Timed Summary

0:00:05 - Introduction

keywords: Airservices Data Viewer CAD Specialist

0:01:07 - Role as Data Viewer CAD Specialist

keywords: National Drawing Index 2002 Data Viewer Drawing Management System

0:03:15 - Early interest in aviation

keywords: Clerical Assistant Drawing Office Training Wagga

0:05:59 - Transition from manual drafting to CAD

keywords: CAD Administrator Training Trainer

0:07:30 - Change in technology, reduction in staff numbers

keywords: Changes Technology Role Dick Smith Budget Retirement Support

0:10:27 - How were technological changes integrated by staff

keywords: Technology integration Rec leave Flextime

0:11:09 - His role from 1998 to 2014

keywords: Promotion Role Change

0:12:08 - Most significant contribution in technological transition

keywords: Concept Changes Historical Data Storage Reduce Database

0:13:36 - Main benefits of new system

keywords: Drawing History

0:15:20 - Major stakeholders

keywords: Projects and Engineering Branch Field Technicians Firies Public

0:16:37 - His role in Airservice' focus on Safety, narrates funny incidents

keywords: CASA Air Traffic Control Firies Public Airservice Infrastructure Funny

0:22:53 - Women in Drawing Office

keywords: Brisbane Technical Officers

0:23:30 - Major innovative changes to Aviation through his role generally

keywords: Digital Changeovers TCPIP Technology One Sky Gold Coast

0:27:31 - Most memorable changes during during career

keywords: Office Location Customer Base

0:31:04 - Working in South Africa 1994

keywords: NAVEX NavAID DME

0:33:45 - His mentors, his mentoring skills and management style

keywords: Johns Duigan Wilson Army Questions Patience CAD

0:37:42 - What could have made his job easier

keywords: Staff Contractors Mentoring Personal

0:39:25 - What encouraged him to stay so long in the one role

keywords: Enjoyment Challenges Army Qualifications Conditions

0:41:57 - Advice to young people today starting out in this kind of role

keywords: Advice Graduates Encourage Challenges Motivation

0:42:27 - Additional comments about aviation career

keywords: Fishing

0:43:23 - Interview Concludes