Greg Dunstone


Greg Dunstone


Surveillance, Strategic Planning and Architecture


Interview with Mary-Jill Bellhouse Airservices Australia





Greg Dunstone

Timed Summary

0:00:00 - Introduction

keywords: Surveillance Strategic Planning and Architecture Manager Radar Bob Peake

0:01:50 - Involved in introduction of computer-based ATC simulator and UK training

keywords: 1975 Simulator Air Traffic Controllers On-site training

0:07:30 - Promoted to Head Office, worked on ADCARDS, training in Paris

keywords: ADCARDS Digital Radar Air Traffic Control Technology Peake Safety

0:12:19 - Head Office moved to Canberra

keywords: Civil Aviation Authority CAA RASP Radar Airservices Staff reduction

0:14:08 - Radar replacement system

keywords: Semi-government authority Radar Replacement

0:17:07 - Introduction of TAAATS, its upgrade and replacement by OneSKY in 2018

keywords: TAAATS The Australian Advanced Air Traffic Control System Digital CMATS Civil Military Air Traffic Management System OneSKY

0:20:15 - His work on surveillance radars, ADS-B and CASA regulations

keywords: ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast CASA regulation Transition for smaller aircraft Safety

0:26:52 - Are we losing the personal involvement in Air Traffic Control

keywords: Personal Air Traffic Control Voice Email Digital

0:28:05 - Other innovations he has witnessed during his career

keywords: Innovations Radar High beam low beam radar

0:29:38 - Innovative changes in the Safety aspects of his work that he has witnessed

keywords: Safety ADS-B Indonesia

0:31:36 - Innovative changes in the aspects of his work which affect the general Community

keywords: Community Safety Indonesia Culture

0:34:01 - Elaborates on current role as Surveillance, Strategic Planning and Architecture Manager

keywords: Strategy Surveillance Future New initiatives Radar OneSKY CMATS ADS-B Military TAAATS

0:38:18 - Elaborates on role as Chairman of ICAO Asia-Pacific

keywords: ICAO ADS-B Study and Implementation Taskforce

0:39:19 - Talks about people who have mentored him throughout his career

keywords: Bob Peake Ed Williams Navigation

0:40:45 - Discusses his philosophy, management style and advice to others entering the industry in his career path

keywords: Outcomes Independence Aviation industry Engineering

0:41:48 - Talks about the Lawrence Hardgreave Award from the Royal Aeronautical Society and the Silver Specialist Award

keywords: ADS-B Technical role

0:43:18 - General comments

keywords: Air Traffic Control TAAATS Manual Voice Digital

0:48:37 - Interview concludes