Doug Scott


Doug Scott


Manager East Coast Services North, Air Traffic Control


Interview with Mary-Jill Bellhouse Airservices Australia





Doug Scott

Timed Summary

0:00:05 - Introduction

keywords: Air Traffic Control East Coast ATC

0:00:46 - Interest in Aviation and career progress to date

keywords: Air Traffic Control Flight Service East Coast Services North

0:04:45 - How his current role differs from previous roles

keywords: Domestic Airports ACE Group Airport Capacity Enhancement Initiative

0:06:57 - Recurring issues and sequential changes occurring in current role

keywords: ATC Resources Training OneSKY Defence

0:10:13 - His management style, expectations of staff and customer focus

keywords: Motivation Customer focus Pacific Ocean Informal Procedures Group

0:14:37 - What contributes to his job satisfaction

keywords: Dynamics Service Influence People

0:16:25 - His role in Airservices' Safety focus throughout aviation industry

keywords: Accountability Regulatory requirements Outsourcing Compliance

0:19:28 - His role in Airservices' changing community focus in the industry.

keywords: Satellites Noise concentration Consultation ILS Instrument Landing System

0:23:58 - Air Traffic Control assistance to mining and rural communities

keywords: Rural ATC Flying Doctor Mining Search & Rescue Defence Herron

0:29:15 - His role and the role of Air Traffic Control generally in the major innovative changes in the progress of aviation

keywords: Communication Radar Analogue Eurocat AIDC ADS-B Auto Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast CMATS Civil Military Air Traffic Management System TAATS OneSKY Changes Personnel

0:37:51 - Awards he has received

keywords: Australia Day 2015 G20

0:40:04 - Mentors throughout his career and general career observations

keywords: Jason Harfield Controllers Community Airservices Australia

0:45:05 - Memorable stories and interesting people he has encountered

keywords: Outstation experiences Characters Bushies Connecting aviation

0:49:35 - Additional general comments

keywords: ASPIRE Asia & South Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions Group Celebrities

0:51:07 - Interview concludes