Jeff Boyd


Jeff Boyd


Licensed aircraft maintenance Engineer, commercial pilot, former owner/operator of Brindabella Airlines and currently Chair of CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority)


Interview with Mary-Jill Bellhouse Airservices Australia



Timed Summary

0:00:00 - Introduction

0:00:12 - His initial attraction to the aviation industry

keywords: Ansett

0:01:55 - Setting up and operating his own regional charter airline (Brindabella Airlines), subsequently moving into regular public transport flights and weekend Outback trips from Canberra

keywords: Brindabella Airlines Charter Ansett Impulse Jetstar Qantas Sunshine Express Outback tours

0:07:51 - Selling Brindabella Airlines, appointment to Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) Board, appointment as Chair of CASA and continuing with other general aviation activities

keywords: Brindabella Airlines CASA Thai Army Jetstream 41

0:09:43 - Stories surrounding his interest and experience in international civil aviation

keywords: International civil aviation Jetstream 41 Travel

0:14:37 - The importance of belonging to the aviation community and personal benefits offered by peer support in organisations such as The Regional Aviation Association

keywords: Community Regional Aviation Association Peer support

0:16:43 - The main changes he has witnessed in the aviation industry during the course of his career

keywords: Changes Aviation industry Security Financial Entry Graduates

0:21:56 - Current industry challenges of accessing qualified pilots who also have broader general regional civil and/or military aviation experience

keywords: Pilots Challenges Technology Sullenberger de Crespigny Hudson Singapore

0:25:48 - South East Asian aviation industry preferences for accessing aviation training in Australia and his future involvement with the industry in Asia

keywords: South East Asia Training Education Bangkok

0:28:03 - Memorable aviation stories throughout his career

keywords: Stories Hazelton Aviation pioneers Australian Aviation Hall of Fame Ansett PG Taylor

0:34:01 - Recognising the importance and skills of the people - on the ground - who taught him and who shaped Australia's aviation history

keywords: Aviation history People Skills

0:36:00 - Priorities in his current role as Chair of CASA and stories which support these priorities

keywords: Priorities CASA Safety Stories

0:43:02 - General comments

0:44:25 - Interview concludes